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Cover Story: Technology in the COVID-19 Era: Remote Work, Remote Monitoring

The global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way construction projects are managed and monitored. As the nation’s contractors faced the reality of employees sheltering in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, companies that had not previously utilized cloud-based solutions to remotely monitor and manage projects are seeing the importance of the need to adjust operations. The quarantine has accelerated the adoption of internet-connected technologies as construction industry leaders have expanded the use of remote cameras, teleconferencing, cloud-based collaboration and other technologies in order to stay connected to the jobsite, clients, employees and peers—all of whom are also improvising solutions and installing technological procedures, ushering in what may be a new era for businesses.

Special Section: Intelligent Machines and Intelligent Jobsites

A new generation of equipment, tools and technology are increasing job-site productivity, empowering workers and equipment operators, and providing real-time field intelligence to business owners, project supervisors and financial managers.

Advertorial Opportunity: Profiles in Productivity: Marketers may purchase advertorial space to present a case study with customer testimonials that showcase the benefits of their real world job-site solutions.

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Special Section: Construction Technology Leaders

Construction firms are counting on the technology industry now more than ever as business owners and executives search for the best solutions to combat productivity fallout from COVID-19 so that they can get back to work amidst new OHSA, local and state regulations.

These topics and more will be covered in CE’s technology-packed September edition.  This is your best opportunity to answer the most pressing questions on the minds of decision-makers at over 46,000 U.S. construction businesses including all 21,000 member firms of Associated Builders and Contractors.

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