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In March, CE’s editors will publish a series of articles about “Winning the Project” in our 2nd Construction Technology special section of 2019. Project leads, estimating, bidding, business development, and CRM are critically important areas of any successful construction enterprise. This issue of CE will be closely read by our audience of over 150,000 industry professionals eager to learn the latest trends, best practices, techniques and market strategies to win more jobs and increase revenues in the year ahead.

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CE’s Tech Showcase helps construction companies easily browse the industry’s latest tech offerings. They’re designed to help readers quickly absorb key facts about how your solutions help improve business operations, increase productivity and more.

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Why Should I Advertise in CE?

To say that the pace of innovation in construction technology is accelerating rapidly is a gross understatement. The productivity gains of the previous three years alone exceed those of the past two decades combined.

For more than 16 years, Construction Executive has been the go-to resource for construction business owners seeking to stay abreast of the latest technologies impacting business operations, financial management and the way projects are designed, built and delivered.

With each new issue, CE continues its mission to help guide the industry’s largest audience of construction decision-makers on a successful business journey.

To learn more about reaching CE‘s exclusive audience, which includes 100% of 21,000+ member companies of Associated Builders and Contractors nationwide, contact your sales rep today.

Reserve space by January 14. Materials due January 21.