Digital Edition Advertising Specs

General Information

For the first time, Construction Executive has opened up it’s digital edition to advertisers with exclusive limited ad space in the form of one banner ad, and sponsored content – “Digital Edition Featured Content” – both prominently placed in our largest email mailing list to over 33,000 construction industry professionals.


All materials are due by the 15th of the previous month to the launch date, unless otherwise specified.
Occasionally deadlines may be earlier to work around holidays and staff vacation time. See the “Materials Due” date on your Ad Insertion Order or your digital stats dashboard, for your due date.
If you are in need of an extension, please alert with an estimated completion date and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Material Specifications

Digital Edition 640×165

  • An image (.jpg, .png, .gif) and a destination URL.

Digital Edition Featured Content

  • Title: typically 5 to 7 words – no formatting or links
  • An optional subtitle: 10 to 15 words – no formatting or links, except bold or italics when AP Style dictates it.
  • Featured Image: A .jpg image, 640px wide, no taller than 400px, not transparent. You may include your company logo in this image if you wish. NOTE: Images are subject to safety approval from ABC’s safety director. See Safety Standards.
  • Teaser: Up to 350 characters, including space – no links, basic formatting allowed.
  • Button Text: Up to 40 characters for a big call to action button. No formatting, no all caps. Shorter is better
  • URL: We strongly recommend adding tracking codes to the link. The image, title and button all use the same link.


Statistics will be available typically the next day after launch of the digital edition and will include: Total Emails Sent, Number of Emails Delivered, Total Opens, Unique Opens, and will be updated daily for 90 days.

For the Digital Edition Featured Content you will also receive Engagement Clicks. Engagement clicks are the clicks on your content and provided links.

For the Digital Edition 640×165, you will also receive Ad Impressions and Ad Clicks.


Other Important Notes:

Advertiser will not have any say in the launch date of the Digital Edition. The digital edition will be published once a month during the months which the print edition of CE is published. Due to the many factors going into this email, we are unable to provide a launch date ahead of time. Ads must be valid for the entire month, and ideally longer.

Occasionally the Digital Edition announcement may be resent. This is not guaranteed.

Positioning of the Digital Edition Featured Content is not guaranteed, but CE will do our best effort to avoid closely positioning the Digital Edition Featured Content next to competitive ad or editorial mentions.

CE may use your ad materials as an example publicly and privately.