Construction Executive Advertising Terms and Conditions

The Publisher assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any claims or promises appeared in the Advertiser’s supplied display advertisements or materials and content provided to the Publisher for advertorials. The Advertiser accepts sole responsibility and assumes all liability for the content of the Advertiser’s supplied display advertising materials and advertorials published by the Publisher including all images, statements, claims, promises, language, and typographical errors.

Closing Dates and Insertion Orders

    1. Ad Insertion Orders must be received by the closing date listed in the Construction Executive Media Kit. Verbal confirmations are not acceptable. Insertion Orders received after the closing date are accepted at the Publisher’s discretion.

All Ad Materials

    1. All advertising materials are subject to Publisher approval. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any ad materials for any reason.
    2. Artwork must arrive by the ad material deadline as published in the Construction Executive Media Kit and listed on the Ad Insertion Order. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis at the Publisher’s discretion.
    3. The Advertiser’s most recently published ad materials will be repeated if new artwork is not received by the materials due date.
    4. All ad materials are reviewed by ABC’s safety director. Ad materials that depict a potential safety violation on a construction jobsite will be rejected. Please review the ABC Safety Standards Policy and a list of “The Top 10 Things to Look Out for in Images that Depict Jobsites and Construction Workers.” If you are in doubt whether an image meets these safety criteria, please submit the image for advance approval to
    5. Materials requiring excessive edits or graphic design may result in additional fees that shall be billed in a separate invoice by MagazineXperts LLC. Please contact your sales representative to request an estimate for creative or graphic design services.
    6. Advertisers and Agencies assume liability for the content of their advertisements and assume all responsibility for any claims therefore made against the Publisher.

Print Ad Materials

Digital Ad Materials

    1. Questions regarding digital ad specs, due dates, extensions, statistics or proofs for digital products including but not limited to newsletter and website ads, eblasts, sponsored content, and webinars, should be directed to
    2. The advertiser’s digital ad materials are expected to run for the time specified on the Ad Insertion Order. If the Advertiser requires the Publisher to replace any running ad with new materials prior to the completion of the ad run, the Advertiser will be billed a flat fee of $75.


    1. Cancellation of any scheduled ad insertion will not be accepted unless notification is received in writing prior to the space reservation closing date as published in the Construction Executive media kit.
    2. Advertisers that fail to comply with frequency contracts will incur a short rate to their actual earned frequency rate on the current Construction Executive rate card.

Rates, Invoices, Payments and Collections

    1. Advertisers under contract will be protected under the rates on the Ad Insertion Order.
    2. The Publisher holds the Advertiser and its Agency jointly and severally liable for payment of all advertising insertions. This applies even when a sequential liability clause is included in the contract or Insertion order.
    3. The publisher will invoice the agency or advertiser immediately after publication and will send a digital tearsheet as proof of insertion. Invoices and tearsheets are sent via email unless otherwise specified by the advertiser or agency.
    4. All invoice amounts are net to publisher. Agencies must add any agency commission to the net cost to calculate gross rates.
    5. The publisher reserves the right to require full payment in advance from Advertisers with poor credit history or that have not previously established credit. The Publisher also may require pre-payment for insertions such as advertorials, directory listings and other advertising options that require the Publisher to provide graphic design or other creative services. In cases where pre-payment is required, the Publisher must receive payment by the invoice due date in order to guarantee publication.
    6. Accounts outstanding for 60 days or more will be restricted from future advertising until payment is received, and the account will be referred to the principal client. Payment not received after 120 days will be turned over to a collection agency.


    1. The Publisher will make its best effort to deliver Added-Value benefits, but it is incumbent upon the Advertiser to complete CE submission forms and provide added-value materials by the deadlines stated in the Ad Insertion Order. Extensions to added-value materials deadlines are granted at the sole discretion of the Publisher. The Advertiser understands that failure to provide materials by the due date may result in forfeiture of the Added-Value benefit with no corresponding reduction in price, make-good or credit to the Advertiser.


    1. Construction Executive is unable to provide any statistics for performance of print display ads.
    2. For digital products, statistics will be provided in the format and timeframe as described in the specs for each digital product. Construction Executive will choose the format statistics will be provided in. Statistics may be limited to metrics listed in the ad specs for each digital product. Any special requests for additional information, or statistics to be provided in a format provided by the advertiser, must be agreed upon before acceptance of the Advertising Insertion Order.

Advertising Terms and Conditions Updates

  1. The Publisher reserves the right to update or amend these Advertising Terms and Conditions at any time, for any reason, without notice to the Advertiser. The current ad terms will always be posted

Webinars are covered by an additional Terms of Service, found here.

Last Updated 2022-08-03.

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