Construction Executive CE eBlast Advertising Specs and Best Practices


  • Please send all materials to Michael Ruth at
  • All materials must be provided no later than two weeks before the launch date. Materials that arrive after the due date, or are superseded may delay the launch date to the next available date. We do not allow for a previous eblast to be resent, each eblast must be unique in subject and content. 
  • Materials must be provided SEND READY. This means there should be no merge tags from other email systems, all links and images must be provided in the email, the copy and subject lines must be final, and the email should be approved to be sent by your company.
  • Materials should be provided in raw HTML format. Materials may be provided in a zip file. An optional text version may be provided in .txt format. Please Note: EML files and forwarded emails cannot be used.
  • Do not send email materials that have been sent, we need the original raw HTML file.
    Sending materials previously sent from your email system may break links and skew stats.
  • All images should be hosted somewhere, not provided as image files. Hosting of images may be subject to an additional fee.
  • Subject lines may be included in the email or included via a text file.
  • If you are A/B testing emails’ subject line, we only need one copy of your HTML email. If you are testing different emails, please include both HTML email files and if appropriate both text files.

Content: All eBlast content including the email address, web links, subject line, and sender name is subject to final approval by the Publisher. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any eBlast content for any reason.

Statistics: The Publisher will provide monthly statistics upon request. A minimum of three (3) business days notice is requested. In all cases, statistics cannot be furnished until at least three (3) days after the eBlast has been sent. Statistics provided shall include:

  1. Total emails on the list at the time of sending (Total, minus eblast opt outs, minus advertiser eblast opt outs)
  2. Total emails delivered as recorded by our ESP
  3. Number of clicks and Opens (also as a percent of sent and delivered)
  4. Number of Clicks and Unique Clicks (also as a percent of sent, delivered, opens and unique opens)

NEW eBlast FAQs

Email Address and Subject Line. All emails sent on behalf of an individual Advertiser must come from the same address.

  • Email will be sent from the sender name Construction Executive and this domain: <>
  • Below the Advertiser’s email message, the Advertiser’s mailing address must appear. We also recommend including a link to the Advertiser’s Privacy Policy.
    The Publisher’s standard footer will appear below the Advertiser’s address with Construction Executive’s mailing address, an option to unsubscribe, and a link to CE’s Privacy Policy.
  • CE recommends that advertisers use one of the two CE Email Templates below as a base for their eBlast. (.zip)
  • Example 1 – Best for Products, Articles, News, Announcements, video
  • Example 2 – Best for ebooks, whitepapers, contact requests and other resources.

Other Requirements:

  • Any company named in the content of an eblast must be a member of Associated Builders and Contractors. If you don’t know, we’ll be happy to see if a company is an ABC member, or stick to generic nouns and descriptors such as “A large national construction firm.”
  • eBlast ad materials are due at least fourteen (14) days prior to scheduled send date.
  • eBlasts are limited to two (2) per week (from two different advertisers) with a minimum separation of one (1) day between eBlasts to prevent list fatigue and maintain a quality list.
  • eBlasts are limited to two (2) per advertiser per calendar month and must have a full week separation between emails.
  • We will not send the same content, and/or the same subject line twice.
  • All eblasts HTML must pass spam filter checks and HTML validation.
  • HTML files should be provided send-ready, including CSS inlined. Design services are available for an additional fee.
  • All images must have alt attributes, even if the alt attribute is empty. All hyperlinked images must have alt text.
  • CE does not provide leads or contact info of people interacting with the email, CE‘ privacy policy currently does not allow us to provide that information. If you would like to capture this information, our recommendation is roadblocking the content with a contact form, which would allow you to ask for any information you would like and makes explicit the information transfer and how it will be used (via your site’s privacy policy).
  • CE will host a web version of Advertiser’s eBlast.

Best Practices:

  • Provide HTML email should be no more than 700px wide.
  • Use message encoding Unicode: UTF-8
  • Emails must be at least 50% text. Emails with more than 50% images are ineffective in email clients that do not automatically display images, and are also more likely to be quarantined by spam filters.
  • Please also provide a test list with your eBlast ad materials (a list of emails addresses to approve the eBlast test messages). Note: Please DO NOT forward test emails for approval. Most email clients will break the message formatting when forwarding emails.
  • You can add the style attribute to image (<img>) tags to style alt text in cases where images don’t show up.
  • While all images must have alt tags, purely decorative images should have a empty alt tag (alt=””)
  • Suppression lists. Please provide your list of email addresses that have previously opted out of email communications so that we can suppress this list. Suppression lists should be provided as a txt file, one email per link, no commas or other delimeters.


Provided below are some examples which have been sent out:

Style Guide

Emails must be edited to AP Style. Emails received not in AP Style are subject to editing and may lead to delays. Here’s a few common corrections.

  • Do not use ‘over’ when you really mean more than. Example: We have more than 3,000 customers.
  • Times should be expressed as “a.m.” and “p.m.”.
  • Timezones should use the timezone name without daylight or standard time. Example: ET, not EST or EDT. PT Instead of PST or PDT.

Tracking. The Publisher reserves the right to add tracking to the email opens and all links within the eBlast in order to track statistics.

CAN-SPAM Compliance. All eBlasts will include the Publisher’s standard footer allowing recipients to unsubscribe with a link to privacy policy.