Advertiser Specs

Mechanical Specifications

Printing: Heat-set web offset
Binding Method: Perfect bound
Printing Line Screen: 150 lpi

Digital Ad Material Specifications

All Advertising Should be Provided in a Digital Format
Please supply a high-res PDF ​using the settings for PDF/X-1a:2001​. Prior to creating the PDF, please ensure all elements of the ad are ​a ​minimum ​of ​300 dpi in CYMK color format​.​

Advertisements supplied without a SWOP-certified color proof will be printed to SWOP (Specifications Web Offset Publications) standards. Visit for additional information on certified proofing and printing standards.

If an advertisement is submitted without an acceptable color proof, Construction Executive and its vendors assume no responsibility and/or liability for image, color, typographic and/or positioning irregularities.

Requested alterations or advertisements requiring modifications to meet publication specifications will be advised and, if approved, billed at the publisher’s prevailing rates.

Important: ABC Safety Standards Regarding Ad Materials

For Associated Builders and Contractors, which publishes Construction Executive, safety is a core value. ABC and its members believe that it is a moral obligation to protect anyone who sets foot on a jobsite. The world-class standard for health, safety and environment in the construction industry involves leadership commitment to develop a safety culture where each person is accountable for everyone’s safety and well-being, as well as provide the means and methods for employees to leave work in the same—or better—condition than which they arrived.

In turn, Construction Executive requests that all persons or jobsites depicted in advertising images (i.e., stock art, commissioned photography, illustrations, etc.) demonstrate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety best practices that exceed OSHA standards.

Here are the Top 10 things to look out for in images that depict jobsites and construction workers:

1. The following personal protective equipment is required when on a jobsite: hardhat, industrial safety glasses with side shields, boots and high-visibility vest (plus gloves if doing actual construction work and earplugs if around loud noise, such as heavy equipment, power tools, etc.)
2. Personal fall arrest systems and equipment, including approved harnesses and lanyards that are properly worn and used, are required when someone is working at height (over 6 feet) or in a lift/hoist
3. Guardrails are required on any vertical building under construction where the fall hazard is greater than 6 feet; a guardrail system should include a top rail, mid rail and toe board (ex.: 2”x4” lumber) or debris netting, to prevent unintended falling objects
4. Vertical rebar that is knee height or below must have a plastic cap or be covered with a 2X4
5. In general, jobsites should be tidy/organized, so keep an eye out for potential trip/fall hazards
6. Equipment/roadway paths must be properly marked with tape or barricades to delineate between roadway and personnel areas
7. No man-made hoists or structures are allowed
8. Anyone on a ladder must have three points of contact (e.g., two feet and one hand)
9. Welders must wear a full helmet and anyone cutting/grinding must be wearing a face shield that meets ANSI Z87.1; safety glasses must also be worn under all helmets and/or face shields if visible
10. Equipment/vehicle operators must be wearing a seatbelt while driving and no mobile device (cell phone, tablet) should be visible/within hand’s reach

ABC must review all ads for safety and reserves the right to reject advertising materials that do not meet the association’s safety mission. Upon rejection of materials for safety violations, advertisers will be given at least five business days to submit new materials for review.

2-Page Spread

Trim: 16.75″ × 10.875″
Bleed*: 17″ × 11.125″
(.125″ outside trim on all sides)
Live: 16.25″ × 10.5″
(.25″ inside trim on all sides)

1/2-Page Spread

Trim: 16.75” x 5.0278”
Bleed*: 17” x 5.5278”
(.125″ outside trim on all sides)
Live: 15.711 ” x 4.527″
(.25″ inside trim on all sides)


Trim: 8.375″ × 10.875″
Bleed*: 8.625″ × 11.125″
(.125″ outside trim on all sides)
Live: 7.875″ × 10.375″
(.25″ inside trim on all sides)

2/3 VER Bleed

Trim: 5.625” x 10.875”
Bleed*: 5.875” x 11.125”
(.125″ outside trim on all sides)
Live: 5.125 ” x 10.375″
(.25″ inside trim on all sides)

2/3 VER Non-Bleed

4.102″ x 9.00″

1/2-Page VER Bleed

Trim: 4.55” × 10.875”
Bleed*: 4.68” × 11.125”
(.125” outside trim on all sides)
Live: 4.05” × 10.375”
.25” inside trim on all sides)

1/2-Page VER Non-Bleed

3.055″ x 9.00″

1/2-Page HOR

6.750″ x 4.25″

1/4-Page VER

3.055″ x 4.25″

*NOTE: Please do not include crop marks on bleeds. If the trim of the magazine is a slightly off, the crop marks may show up in print.

How to Upload Ad Materials

Ad materials should be uploaded using the form on

Before submitting new ad materials, please review the Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Ad Materials Contact

Jennifir Pekarek
Art Director
p: (973) 383-0888

Mailing Printer Proofs

Please send all printer proofs directly to the printer, and include the magazine name and scheduled month of insertion.
David Sanders
Print Production Account Specialist 3
LSC Communications
3401 Heartland Drive
Liberty, MO 64068