Superlative Claims

Claims made in advertisements placed in Construction Executive must be truthful, non-misleading, or – when appropriate – backed by scientific evidence. If a claim must be qualified in order to render it non-misleading, that qualification must be clear and easy to read. Construction Executive requires proof that a claim be true prior to publishing it. Claims of “#1,” “Best,” “Only,” or other superlatives that compare company or product attributes must cite a third-party source of method for their claim.

Disallowed Examples:
XYZ is the #1 provider in the field.
XYZ is the best software for contractors.
XYZ is the only company that offers this service.
XYZ is the leading company in a certain industry.

Allowed Examples:
XYZ is rated the best-value software for contractors by QRX Group (include hyperlink to source if digital)
XYZ is rated the best value software for contractors* *by QRX Group, 2016
XYZ is a leading company in a certain industry