Deadline to reserve space extended to January 21.

Increase enrollments and promote your college.

In March, Construction Executive (CE) will publish our annual 2019 Schools of Construction Directory, a comprehensive source guide to colleges and universities offering curriculum for construction, engineering, project management and more. Purchase any size advertisement or college profile and you’ll receive a free deluxe logo listing in our 2019 Schools of Construction Directory.

FACT: 62% of subscribers are involved in the selection and purchase of training, education and distance learning programs.

Whether your institution is trying to attract new enrollments, promote distance learning or emphasize continuing education, the March 2019 Schools of Construction special issue is your best advertising opportunity to connect with the 150,000 readers of Construction Executive.

Bonus promotion to the country’s leading school counselor association.

Construction Executive is pleased to announce that it will be promoting the 2019 Schools of Construction issue directly to the American School Counselor Association, giving its 36,000 members an opportunity to download this valuable resource.

Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity. This is your chance to not only be promoted to the construction industry, which is always looking for new opportunities to train its workers, but you will have the added value of being promoted directly to the school counselors who are actively looking for educational opportunities for their students.

Reach 150,000 Construction Professionals

Your ad in the March Schools of Construction issue will be seen by more than 150,000 construction professionals at over 46,000 U.S. construction firms, including all 21,000 member firms of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). These companies are continually seeking to advance the skill set of key employees and are a receptive audience for your school’s advertising sales message.

There’s no better way to tell the construction market about your school’s course offerings than a Profile in Construction Education.

Utilizing our professional graphic design and editing team for a Profile in Education is an effective and easy way to showcase your school’s achievements. Simply provide some images and information and we will do the rest. The result will be a beautiful and clear profile highlighting your school’s specialties and offerings. Profiles in Education are also uniquely formatted, allowing readers to quickly find you in the Profiles in Education section.

It’s Easy to Participate
Reserve the profile size option you would like and CE will email you a link to a web form to provide your text and images to our team of professional editors and graphic designers. All Profiles in Construction Education articles are edited to the high standards of CE magazine using AP Style guidelines.

Get more attention with a display ad.

CE has been the go-to magazine for the construction industry for 16 years. Whether we’re delivering legislative news in or covering the ABC Student Chapter Network, we are on the desks, phones and tablets of anyone interested in the industry.

This year’s ASCA promotion, along with our 150,000-strong readership, makes the 2019 Schools of Construction the perfect issue to run a display ad.

CE has a print marketing plan to fit every educational establishment’s budget, so call us today and learn how to garner the exposure you deserve from the industry you serve.

Deluxe Directory Listings

Education marketers who purchase any size advertisement or college profile will receive a FREE deluxe logo listing in our 2019 Schools of Construction Directory.

Deluxe listings include your full-color logo, ​school name​ in bold​, address, ​city, state, zip ​website, contact, phone, email, program, program length and tuition.​ The 2019 Schools of Construction issue will be held onto by school counselors and large construction companies seeking to help their students and employees with their career paths throughout the course of the entire year, stretching your one-time investment into a year’s worth of exposure.

Accredited Colleges and Universities are Entitled to UP TO 50% OFF Advertising Rates

Plus all profile and display ad purchases come with a free deluxe listing upgrade.

2019 Schools of Construction Advertising Options

Profiles in Construction Education

Full-Page Profile +
Full Page Ad

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1/2-Page Ad

$8,995 $4,995

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Full Page Profile

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1/2-Page Profile

$5,995 $2,995

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Display Advertising


$8,995 $4,995

Supply a full-page ad designed to these specs:
8.625″w x 11.125″h (includes bleed)


2/3-Page VER

$6,795 $3,295

Supply a 2/3-page ad designed to these specs:
5.875″w x 11.125″h (includes bleed)

Half-Page Vertical

1/2 Page VER

$5,395 $2,745

Supply a 1/2-page ad designed to these specs:
4.68″w × 11.125″h (includes bleed)


1/2-Page HOR

$4,995 $2,495

Supply a 1/2-page ad designed to these specs:
6.750″w x 4.25″h


1/4 Page VER

$2,295 $1,245

Supply a 1/4-page ad designed to these specs:
3.055″w x 4.25″h


Directory Listings

Deluxe Listing

$295 $150

Free with the purchase of any profile or display ad.

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Deadline to reserve space extended to January 21.