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Executive Roundtable Opportunity:

The Rapid Adoption of Construction Tech and How It’s Reshaping the Industry

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming to the pages of Construction Executive in our first issue of the next decade!

CE is excited to announce 2020 Tech Trends, a special section about the technologies that are disrupting the industry and bringing unprecedented gains in productivity.

CE’s editors are interviewing owners, estimators, PMs, VPMs, CTOs and financial managers at leading general and specialty contracting firms to learn about the tech trends that are transforming their businesses.

Executives at top technology solutions providers are invited to share their insights for the lead article, “The Rapid Adoption of Construction Tech and How It’s Reshaping the Industry.”

Don’t miss this thought leadership opportunity. Confirm your participation now and make sure your company is seen by an audience of more than 150,000 industry decision-makers who depend upon CE to keep them informed of the latest developments in construction.

Get Your Executive Featured as a 2020 Tech Trends Panelist

Tech marketers that support this special issue with a full page ad or corporate profile will be featured in “The Rapid Adoption of Construction Tech and How It’s Reshaping the Industry.” This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your company’s thought leadership by joining the industry’s top construction technology executives in this high-profile special issue.

Every panelist is showcased in a sidebar with a head shot and accompanying quote. Each executive is identified by name, title and company.

There is no better way to elevate your company’s image and reach the more than 150,000 top construction influencers who rely on CE to bring them the latest technology trends impacting their industry.

Top construction executives seek answers and direction.

Enlighten them.

Share your vision and insights with the industry’s top construction leaders. Confirm your full page ad or corporate profile to reserve a seat on the 2020 Tech Trends executive roundtable and CE will contact you to arrange an interview.

Your chosen interviewee will be asked questions such as:

  • What are the top technological advancements every construction firm should be using by now?
  • What are the most important details a construction firm needs to consider when implementing new technology in the field?
  • What construction technology did you think was going to disrupt, but didn’t? What did?
  • What technological trends do you see emerging in the next five years in the construction industry?
  • What are the top functionalities your construction clients want in management software

CE’s professional editors will make sure your best comments and insights are incorporated into this influential article.

You will also have the opportunity to provide our editors with contact information for ABC-member contractor customers who are using your solutions.

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Full page supporters get even more attention with a sponsorship. Your company name will stand out on the front cover of CE’s 2020 Tech Trends special section and your logo will be prominently displayed on a sponsor recognition page thanking you for your participation and contribution to this issue.

Sponsorship of 2020 Tech Trends demonstrates your ongoing commitment to supporting the voice that has served as construction’s leading source of news, market developments and business trends for more than 17 years.

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There is no better way to impart your firm’s message than with a “Leaders in Construction Technology” Corporate Profile.  CE’s team of professional editors and graphic designers will take your images and content to produce a visually striking article showcasing your firm’s solutions for streamlining workflow, increasing productivity, improving collaboration and enhancing bottom-line profitability.

Corporate Profiles are designed to give a clear synopsis of your company’s history and accomplishments in a professionally designed format in keeping with CE’s award-winning editorial standards. Every “Leaders in Construction Technology” Corporate Profile includes a complimentary eprint and 250 printed reprints.

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Harness more marketing power with an eprint of your executive “As Featured in Construction Executive.”

Following publication, you’ll receive an eprint of the Tech Trends article “As Featured in Construction Executive” for your website, blogs, social media and other electronic marketing. CE is committed to providing more added-value extras than any industry publication to extend the value of your marketing investment.

All participants in the Tech Trends special section will receive:

Senior Exec Featured in 2020 Tech Trends Article

CE Will Interview Your Best Customer(s) For Tech Trends

Eprint for Your Website, Blog and Other Digital Marketing Efforts

Plus Bonus Distribution at Three Major Industry Events

2020 ABC National Convention | CONEXPO 2020 | 2020 Excellence in Construction Awards

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  • Company Name on Front Cover of 2020 Tech Trends Special Section
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  • Special Thanks for Your Contribution to this Issue
  • Seat at the 2020 Tech Trends Executive Roundtable
  • Eprint of 2020 Tech Trends article

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