25 Companies Making Construction More Productive and More Profitable

Advertorials in CE’s 25 Companies special section are designed to educate construction business owners and top management decision-makers about your company’s contributions to increased productivity and bottom-line profitability, in a visually striking, award-winning editorial environment.

Limited exclusively to 25 companies, this is your best opportunity to tell thousands of the nation’s largest and most active contractors — and thousands of small to medium contractors looking to grow their firms — why they should be doing business with you.

25 Companies Article

articles should be written in the 3rd person point of view, not the 1st or 2nd person. For example: “XYZ Company helps contractors improve their business operations.” Not: “We help contractors improve their business operations.” CE will edit all articles to AP style. Marketers will receive a proof for review and approval prior to publication.

• Headline: 5-7 words (60 max characters)
• Subtitle: Up to 20 words (120 max characters)
• Sidebar: Up to 50 words (350 characters max) of bulleted call-outs or company highlights to help readers quickly absorb key facts about your business.
• Pull Quote: A sentence (or two) from your article that sums up the point you are trying to get across. This quote will be used at the discretion of the designer.
Up to 25 words, 150 character hard limit including any citation.
• Article: Please provide an AP-style article. 250 words (1,600 max characters) for a one-page article; 500 words (3,500 max characters) for a two-page article.
• Supporting Images: Up to 3 images for a one-page article; up to 6 images for a two-page article. Images should be high resolution (300 dpi or higher).

Company Information

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Teaser: 30 to 50 words (250 character limit). A paragraph of text designed to make the reader curious to click and read your full Hot Products article. No HTML
or formatting.
Text for “Call to Action” Button: 35 character limit.
Call to Action URL: A trackable link is strongly recommended.
Company Bio: 30 to 50 words (250 character limit). No HTML or formatting.

Value Added Materials Include:

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After you have reserved your 25 Companies Package, we will send you a link to submit your information and images.

Need Help Writing Your Article?

CE will assign an experienced construction writer to schedule an initial kickoff call to review your editorial and marketing objectives, conduct research, interview key customers or executives, write the draft article, and make edits as needed. Editorial services are inexpensive and free up your valuable staff time and internal resources. Rates are $500 for a one-page, 300-word article with sidebar, or $750 for a two-page, 500-word article with sidebar.