Target, Reach, and Influence General and Specialty Contractors

Construction Executive (CE) delivers more general and specialty contractor decision-makers to advertisers than any other industry publication.

53,000 Print Circulation



General Contractors &
Specialty Contractors



Service Firms



Distributors, Suppliers
& Manufacturers

30,000 Digital Circulation

Digital circulation includes some duplication with print because CE subscribers can opt to receive the magazine in both print and digital format.

Only CE Delivers 100% of ABC Members for Advertisers Across all 69 Regional Chapters

CE is the national flagship publication of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). ABC’s 21,000 member companies include thousands of the nation’s largest and most active contractors, and thousands of small to medium contractors looking to grow their businesses. Only CE delivers 100% of this exclusive audience to advertisers.

Check Out What Our Readers Have to Say

CE is invaluable as a reliable resource and guide in the construction industry.”

“Gives us a window into projects and ideas in other parts of the country, new technology to consider, and insights into businesses similar to ours.”

“I review CE to see building trends around the country. My company has eight locations across the U.S. and customers all over the world, and CE helps me keep tabs on the construction industry in general.”

CE Subscribers Are Key Decision-Makers in Critical Business Areas

CE Subscribers by Title


Of Subscribers Are Owners and Top Management Decision-Makers

72% Top Management
Owners, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, CXOs and GMs

16% Executive Management
EVPs, SVPs, VPs and Other Executives

12% Middle Management
Managers at the Regional, Branch, Department,
and Project Level

CE Subscribers by Revenue

$74 Million

Is the Average Revenue for CE’s Contractor Subscribers

18% Over $250 Million

17% $50 to $250 Million

24% $10 to $50 Million

19% $3 to $10 Million

23% $3 Million or Less

35% of CE contractor subscribers report annual revenue of $50 million or more. 69% do more than $10 million.

Financial Management

Business Management

Project Management

CE Subscribers Are Involved in Commercial Buildings, Heavy/Highway and Residential

87% of CE Subscribers Are Involved in Building Construction

82% Commercial Buildings
Retail, Offices, Hospitality, Data Centers, Sports, Mixed-use, Museums, Entertainment, Other

73% Institutional Buildings
Education, Health Care, Government, Other

52% Industrial Buildings
Manufacturing, Chemical/Petro-chemical, Other

49% Residential Construction
Multifamily, Single Family

35% of CE Subscribers Are Involved in Heavy/Highway Construction

20% Wastewater
17% Utilities
17% Airports

14% Highways
14% Bridges
13% Sewerage

11% Pipelines
7% Tunnels
6% Dams

CE Subscribers Are the Key to Major Purchasing Decisions

Advertise to reach top financial and purchasing decision-makers at firms involved in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and heavy/highway construction.

97% of CE Subscribers Are Involved in Purchasing Decisions

Surety Bonding and Insurance
Fleets, Trucks, Vans
Construction Equipment
Construction Technology
Accounting and Legal Services
Training and Education
Labor and Staffing
Power Tools / Hand Tools
Building Materials
Building Systems
Mobile Offices and Storage

Why Do Subscribers Read CE?

The average subscriber has 21 years of construction industry experience.

The median age of a CE subscriber is 50 years old.

29 percent are 45 years old or younger.

Business Management Strategies 95%
Economic News 93%
Technology 93%
Safety and Liability 93%
Project Stories 92%
Legal Issues 91%
Workforce Development and Training 91%
Construction Markets/Segments 90%
Finance and Accounting 85%
Green Construction 82%
Insurance and Bonding 77%
Construction Materials 76%
Construction Equipment 67%

Source: Independent study conducted by Accelera Research, April 2016