Project Description

Special Section 1: Intelligent Machines and Intelligent Jobsites

A new generation of equipment, tools and technology are increasing job-site productivity, empowering workers and equipment operators, and providing real-time field intelligence to business owners, project supervisors and financial managers.

Advertorial Opportunity: Profiles in Productivity: Marketers may purchase advertorial space to present a case study with customer testimonials that showcase the benefits of their real world job-site solutions.

Special Section 2: 15th Annual Construction Accounting Special Section

CE editors present a series of articles examining the latest trends in accounting, auditing, tax-management, employee benefits and financial strategies for contractors.

Advertorial Opportunity: Corporate Profiles of Leaders in Construction Accounting: CPA firms and providers of accounting and financial services and solutions may showcase their experience, capabilities and expertise in a company profile.

Value Added: Executive Insights from Leaders in Construction Accounting: Half-page and full-page advertisers in this special section get their senior executive featured in the lead article.


Reserve Space by:
June 12, 2020

Ad Materials due:
June 19, 2020

Bonus Distribution:
Bonus Mailing to 2,000 CPAs